Featured Thunderbird for September 1999

1964 TBird

1964 Landau Hardtop
Owner: Tom Wilkinson, Niagara Falls, New York USA

I had always liked the Thunderbird styling, especially the "Flairbirds". This one I purchased in 1996 from an ad in the paper, reading "parts car for sale". So, what the heck, I called and it was about 5-miles from my place, and I like to look at old iron anyway.

It was in a barn that was about to fall on top of the car, along with a '64 Fairlane. The T'Bird was in rough shape. You could see through the floor as well as both rear quarters. The motor and tranny had been reworked, so I took a chance and paid $350 for it and towed it home that October night.

Two years later, this is what she looks like, with all the work being done by myself, including the paint. The interior is original except for the carpets and headliner. I learned a lot about the '64 T'Bird's unique way in that many parts only fit the '64 model which makes it sometimes difficult to find those small pieces, like ignition bezels, etc. But that is what it is all about. I got a lot of help from fellow Bird lovers, and look forward to driving the car.

Tom Wilkinson

Copyright © 1999 by Tom Wilkinson

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