Featured Thunderbird for May 2000

1956 TBird Couch

1956 Exterior: Black, Interior: red/white
Owner: Jerry Wotel, Tahoe Vista, California

Sometime during the winter of 1955 or spring of 1956, I was made at the Ford Dearborn assembly plant. I believe I was sent to California, but that's only a guess. All I know is that's where the terrible accident happened.

My memory is very hazy regarding that terrible event. All I can recall is that is was a horrible accident, and I was lucky to survive it, even at the expense of the loss of my engine and driveline, all of my interior, and worst of all, the forward three quarters of my body.

I thought it was all over for me, on my way to the crusher, but fortunately, Mr. Rod Lopes who planned on salvaging my remaining parts and allowing me to join with my fellow brother and sisters rescued me. After a few years, and some parts removal, he was approached by Cindy Wotel, and asked if I could be restored and repainted, and made into a couch as a present for her husband Jerry. Rod agreed and began the undertaking.

I received the required body work and some new parts, and new black paint. A new seat was built and installed. And I was ready.

I was taken to my new home in the mountains, and was placed inside the house, not the garage. Jerry was very surprised and immediately wanted to know my lineage. But alas, there was no way of finding out, so I became The Unknown T'Bird.

I am quite a surprise to visitors, not expecting to see a section of a T'Bird inside the house. I heard talk that I have a brother and sister in the garage, but have never met them. I guess they are too big to fit through the front door, even I almost didn't make it. I did find out that I look just like my brother, raven black with a fiesta red/white seats.

They may be able to take Jerry and Cindy to car shows and club activities, but I get to be with them more often, reading, watching television, meeting friends, and being a part of the family.

In those dark days after the accident, I was afraid that it was the end for me, but now I have a new beginning and look forward to many years of good times, even as the Unknown T'Bird.

The Unknown T'Bird

Copyright © 2000 by Jerry Wotel

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