Featured Thunderbird for November 1999

1957 Thunderbird

1957 E-Bird
Owner: John Schnabel, Dallas, Texas USA

I always liked old Fords, having a Mustang for years. I would see a T'Bird, and it would catch my eye. I did not know much about them, and started to learn more, with the "Big D lil'birds club. I Had my heart set on a Starmist Blue "E" car and looked off and on for a year. Then a friend in the club said I needed to look at one of his cars, a Bronze E car. I put it off and put it off. I don't know why? I took one look at it and fell in love.

The wife said lets go home and sleep on it. So we did, the car was not in the papers yet and the guy needed room for a car he bought. We looked at it one more time; I told him we would take it. He handed me a book that one of the owners had put together, it had receipts in it and more... photos of the original owner, one receipt was for tires in late 1958, where the original owner had bought them and finance them for $10.59 a month. Then I started to look over the build sheet, I saw that the car was built during my birthday.

Well just a few years earlier!! That sold me for sure. It's been a real good car. I wish I could thank all the owners for taking real good care of the car.

John Schnabel

Copyright © 1999 by John Schnabel

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