Featured Thunderbird for March 1999

Featured TBird for March

1978 Coupe, Exterior: Lipstick Red
Owner: Rod Schmitz, Buffalo, NY

In August of 1979 my grandfather purchased the car as it was a leftover on the lot (new not used) in Daytona, FL. My grandfather passed away in 1984 and my grandmother moved up to New York to live with us. The car had 48,000 miles at the time. It was stored every winter since, and my grandmother and I drove it a total of 300 mi/year until 1995.

I would visit my grandmother after work about 2-3 times a week. She would tell me the stories of the adventures her and my grandfather had in the car (they went cross country in it in the early 80's). Her, and my, favorite story was of the time they were traveling through Montana. My Grandfather was sleeping and Grandma was driving down a long stretch of highway. My grandfather woke up and lookedat my gramma and said "are you feeling ok?". She responded " Yes fine, why do you ask?". Grampa said "Nothing important. I was just wondering why the speedometer is pegged over 85mph?" My gramma was enjoying the cruise so much she didn't have the cruise control set and she wasn't paying any atention to her speed.

In 1996 my grandmother passed away and she left the car for me. She felt that I was the only one who would keep the car and its memory alive. I consider it a family airloom. I've since cleaned it up and bring it to shows in the summer. I know that my Grandparents are watching and enjoying the shows with me.

The only addition to the car that I am adding this year (if I can get one) is a plaque for above the glove box (like the one on the Diamond Jubilee of that year) stating "In fond memory of Harley and Winnie Strickfaden".

If any one can help me with this my e-mail is: rodschmitz@msn.com

Rodney Schmitz

Copyright © 1999 by Rodney Schmitz

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