Featured Thunderbird for May 1996

Picture of Featured T-Bird

1963 / Exterior: Acapulco Blue / Automatic

Owner: William Roberts, Plano, Texas

During one's life, we have various dreams of achieving certain accomplishments. Back in the early 60's, my dream was to possess a T-Bird. However, in those days too, Uncle Sam was trying his best to balance the budget, and in doing so, eliminated my paycheck. I did promise myself, that if and when job security once again availed, a T-Bird would be on my agenda.

That time finally arrived late in 1963. Even though choices were limited, my wife and I located an Acapulco Blue hardtop in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A convertible in the same color was also offered at the same price, but having a four year old daughter, we opted for the more practical model. Yes, I agree, that was not capacity of sound judgement for today's market, but at the time of my dream, I did not have an inkling of still owning this same car 33 years later.

Our Bird was "begat" at the Ford Assembly Plant in Wixom, Michigan. It had a short stay at Henderson Ford Sales before we laid claim to it with our three year payment booklet of $98 a month. Like a child waiting for Christmas, time seemed to stand still. But alas, the end of the book was realized and the Bird was all mine. I vowed then to keep her until the end. Like a cat though, she still keeps purring, and we haven't even claimed any of those nine lives a cat is supposed to endure.

The car never did reside in Michigan but ventured over the years to Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Iowa, Texas, Missouri, and back to Texas where it dwells today.

We still have the original window sticker, owner's manual, and original 1962 Maintainance Manual. At 146,000 plus miles, it is still very original. It has been a garage kept car, and as the insurance people would classify, driven mostly for pleasure. The original paint still glistens and sparkles in the sunshine. It is still very dependable and, although the mileage has slowed., we still like to show it off on a Sunday drive to church or a NTVTC meeting or function.

Dreams change as well as life experiences especially as the prime of life approaches. Sometimes it is necessary to eliminate some of our prize possessions and move on to new surroundings. For us, the time seems to have arrived. A place for our special Thunderbird will no longer be available. Since it is now a collectible, I am looking for someone to bless it with a good home. A person perhaps younger, but a preserver of the past. We will regret seeing it drive away, its service has been outstanding and the fond memories will linger forever.

William Roberts

Copyright © 1996 by William Roberts

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