Featured Thunderbird for July 1999

1966 Thunderbird

1966 Hardtop
Owner: David Redline, Arvada, Colorado

This is my 1966 Hardtop. It was purchased by my father on February 9, 1966 at Archway Ford, in Baltimore, MD. It was the only car my dad kept for more than two years. I will always be greatful for this.

When he bought it, he was looking for a fully load Country Squire station wagon; as we use to travel a lot when I was growing up. Archway Ford did not have one. The dealer told my dad for $500 more you can have this Thunderbird.

We did all our traveling in her. Even when dad had a newer car; the T-Bird was his choice. It came to Colorado with us in 1971. After my dad passed away, it was willed to me. I had no place too keep it at the time, so my older brother in Baltimore came to get it. It spent the last 14 yrs there, but now it is home. I have the orginal wheel covers and plan on removing the side marker lites my dad put on it, when I have it painted.

Copyright © 1999 by David Redline

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