Featured Thunderbird for December 1998

1972 Thunderbird

1972 Hardtop, Exterior: Black, Interior: Brown
Owner: Rob Quinn, Edgewater, Florida

This is my 1972 T'Bird that I had purchased about six years ago. As far as the history of the car, all I can tell you is that the car was purchased new in St. Petersburg, Florida. The original owners towed this car behind a 100-ft motorhome, until the motorhome generator quit. At that point the car was traded for a new generator, and the owner of the RV lot was now the proud owner of a T'Bird. I believe at one time she was planning to do some restoration to it, but ran out of money and/or time.

Sometime later the T'Bird and RV lot were listed for sale. I drove back and forth past this car for a week. Finally I stopped and took a look, the chrome on the car was perfect, the paint was faded, but over all it was in good shape. I took the car for a ride, after jump starting it and putting some gas in it, with four bald tires and the way I went. The car only had 63,000 miles on it, and you could tell nothing had ever been done to it. We negotiated a price and I drove her home.

Sitting next to the 100ft + size RVs the car didn't seem that big. But when I got home and tried to stuff it in the garage that was another story. I've done a lot of work on this car and for the most part did it myself.

I painted the car 5 years ago. I replaced the brakes, cooling, A/C,and charging systems and added new tires and wheels. A friend put the new top on. The 429 cid engine and drive train with 115,000 miles on it is still all original, no need for any rebuilds.

I've cut down on the amount of driving I do with the car as it is not good on gas. I drive it to shows and to work on a nice day. The car runs strong and gets a lot of looks. Funny I've only seen one other '72 (in any shape) in the past 6 years I've owned this car. Even the guys with the older Birds say the same thing (haven't seen one of those in a long time). I plan on keeping my T'Bird for a long time. I love driving it and showing it off. Its a great feeling.

I do have a website if anyone would like to visit.

Rob Quinn

Copyright © 1998 by Rob Quinn

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