Featured Thunderbird for November 1997

1968 Landau Sedan, Engine: 429 cid
Owner: William Mullen, Commerce, GA USA

My 1968 Thunderbird was purchased in April 1997 in New Cumberland, PA, from an owner attempting a restoration. The engine was in great shape, albeit a little dirty, and it made the 750 mile trip to NE Georgia with no difficulty, where the car currently resides.

The car needed some minor body work, a new roof, and a windshield. The 429 "thunder jet" had many parts removed and powder-coated original Ford blue, as well as a topside overhaul done, with new cylinder heads, exhaust manifolds and cam components. Deviations from stock include an Offy dual-port intake, Holley 4779 carburetor, and a B&M combination transmission/oil cooler.

Exterior changes include a 1967 grille and front bumper. Other than that it is completely stock, down to the original hubcaps that were on the car when purchased new. What's left to be done is a suspension overhaul and the addition of an unblemished rear bumper. The sequential turn signal system was scrapped in favor of a more dependable version.

It is a fun car to drive, and gets ALOT of stares driving through town. When I stop for gas, or otherwise, I'm always asked "what year is that" and they usually remark by saying how long it's been since they've seen one similar. It's amazing how many people walk up to you and ask to open the suicide doors!!! I fell in love with these cars when I first saw one in 1984, the rest is history.

William Mullen

Copyright © 1997 by William Mullen

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