Featured Thunderbird for February 1999

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1964 Sports Roadster, Exterior: Black, Interior: Black
Owner: Phil Moore, Rockledge, FL

I'm Phil Moore and I'm the Manager of Launch Operations Safety at Cape Canaveral. I nickname almost every car I've had, and that's why I initially called her the "Retro Rocket". It seemed to go with her age and my Missile and Space Operations profession. But everyone else (especially our grandkids) called her "The Batmobile", so that's what stuck.

Neither she nor I care what she's called as long as I take her out regularly so she can show off her beauty. She is a real head-turner and she gets lots of great comments on the road and at cruise-ins. She needs a few cosmetic touches to make her nearly perfect, but she still got 2nd In-Class at her first show.

She is in great condition (which I sincerely believe is original unrestored, from her look and the records that came with her). I bought her from family friend Tim Volk in Cheyenne, WY in Nov 96. Tim bought her in Sept 92 from George A. Gillette, Jr. of Aspen, CO (who I'm told is the Gillette of the Gillette Razor Co.). Gillette bought her in May 91 from the Shane Collection, "Cars of Yesteryears", in Metairie (New Orleans), LA. She was registered there to William H. Shane, Jr. The record I have for Shane's ownership goes back to Sep 85, but could be older, since that's as far back as I have records on that. If anyone out there knows about earlier owners, I'd appreciate knowing it, too.

She was built on 27 May 1964 and shipped on 4 June 1964 to Ed Morse Ford in N. Miami Beach. She had 76,817 miles when she was off-loaded from the semi she traveled in from Wyoming to Florida, and I have records that show she only put on 2000 miles in the 10 years before she came to live with "Sweet Donna" and me in Rockledge, Florida.

Her options are: Sports Roadster Tonneau, SelectAire A/C, 4 Way Power Seats, Power Windows, Rear Seat Speaker, Deluxe Wheel Covers, Reclining Passenger Seat & Headrest, Rear Fender Shields, Tinted Glass, Safety Convenience Control Panel.

Phil Moore

Copyright © 1999 by Phil Moore

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