Featured Thunderbird for February 2000


1973 Exterior: Wimbledon White
Owner: Marvin Meyer, Stratford, ON Canada

I've worked on my car for a year now and although it is not a concourse contender I feel with 44,870 miles and Goodyear's and lack of a factory resonator, she's Near Perfect. The car looks 'jacked up' but those are the new Detroit-Eaton springs, hopefully they'll settle down after a while.

Features include 460 P/s,P/w, P/dr. locks, Cruise, A/c, P/trnk,Stainless Exhaust, New vinyl top & Wimbledon White paint. No cracked dash or steering wheel as this jem sat inside a barn since 1979-1998. The white leather is still soft and supple, rug is 70's 'shag' green. For a Canadian car this is an artifact dug up from the past that was destined for the local demolition derby by a couple of 18-yr old kids. I had to do some fast talking to get this car!

Marvin Meyer

Copyright © 2000 by Marvin Meyer

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