Featured Thunderbird for July 1995

Highlighted Thunderbird

1963 / Exterior:White / 390cu/automatic

Owner: Roger Meier, Dallas, TX

The photo is of our 1963 Thunderbird Hardtop. It has all the standard equipment (390 engine, power steering, power brakes, and automatic transmission), plus air conditioning (we need that in Texas), power windows, and the rare AM/FM radio with a rear seat speaker. It was in very sad shape when we bought it 17 years ago, but it has been lovingly restored, being very careful to make it "authentic T-bird". We have shown it in concours primary division several times, but we get our real pleasure out of driving it. It does not get driven to work, but makes all our long trips, vacations, etc. much more fun as it is a very comfortable car to drive and ride in. And of course, like all the early T-birds, it is certainly an attractive car.

With over 230,000 miles on the car I guess we have replaced, or worked on, nearly everything on the car. But is very reliable, and barring a major catastrophy, we should make it to 1/4 million miles in just a couple more years.

The couple in front of the car is my wife and I. Sondra and I have been married 28 years. She enjoys the car as much as I do, in fact she is the one who originally wanted it. The photo was taken in front of the Glen Eagles Country Club, just before a meeting of the North Texas Vintage Thunderbirds.

Roger Meier

Copyright © 1995-1996 by Roger Meier

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