Featured Thunderbird for December 1995

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1962 / Exterior: White / Interior: Black / 390cid / Automatic

Owners: Bill & Helen McGregor, of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Classic Thunderbirds in Australia now divide into two groups. Those that were delivered in Australia when new and those that have been brought into the country, principally in the last six to eight years. It says a lot about Australia's interest in Classic and Vintage Thunderbirds, that recent import cars now far outstrip the number of new delivery vehicles.

When these cars were in production, Australia was refining automobile assembly for a product that would take local harsh rural road conditions. Australia remains proud of those products, the Holdens, etc, of the era. The grace and refinement of Thunderbirds were left to those able to cope with the costs of buying and converting an elegant import. They were rarely seen but much admired.

Our car was delivered to and converted in Melbourne but was road registered and in regular use in Queensland from 1962 to 1986. It's been 'resting' and gaining restoration from a variety of owners since. We bought the car two years ago.

The car's mechanics and appearance, inside and out, remain original. Power is 390 cid and going fine. All trim and badging are in place. The black interior has a mirror image dash conversion (Swing-away steering and all). The only options we can pick on are the power windows, push-button radio, and electric windshield washers.

Thirty-odd years had taken a toll on the steering conversion. We have just had the original right-hand drive mechanism replaced by mirror image parts and the car nows goes where directed......beautifully !!

We're pleased to be among the folk locally who are preserving the cars of the era. Our T'Bird is out regularly for events of motoring interest. Watch out for us !

Bill and Helen McGregor

Copyright © 1995-1996 by Bill McGregor

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