Featured Thunderbird for June 1997

1961 Hardtop / Exterior: Medium Blue Metallic/ Interior: White
Owner: Tommy Lovsund, Tortuna, Sweden

I bought my T-Bird in February '83. Not that I really wanted a 1961, but it was love at first sight, I just had to have it.

I saw an ad in a local paper, "T-bird '61, driven daily, needs some work. Price $2500." Since this car was located close to me, I thought that I might as well take a look at it. So I called the owner, and yes, it was still available, so I asked a friend to join me to see it. We always go to look at cars together; it's good to have two more eyes.

The T-Bird was painted in primer, all rust repairs were done, the interior was shot, the front end needed a rebuild, but the engine was running, but not like a "charm". I could feel that as I drove around the block. Despite all of this, I fell in love so I drove back and payed the guy his asking price. My friend stared at me like I was nuts. All this didn't take more than 10 minutes, so much for having two more eyes.

I was in (T-Bird) heaven when I drove home. The original radio worked and it played hits from the '60s, everything was so right.

I tried to use it in this condition for a few months, but finally gave up and started a total restoration (my very first), that still goes on to some extent today, although I have been driving it during the summer since 1989. Little things need to be corrected under hood in order to make it more original (i.e. wrong color on a few parts). I didn't know better at that time.

The exterior color is supposed to be black, but I didn't like it so I picked another T-bird color, (forgive me). Consider that I was 22 years old when I started this restoration and didn't know anything about T-birds or about cars for that matter. I have a few Mustangs and Jeeps under my belt now.

Tommy Lovsund

Copyright © 1997 by Tommy Lovsund

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