Featured Thunderbird for October 1997

1969 4-door, Exterior: Platinum, Interior: Navy Blue, Engine: 429 cid
Owner: Daniel Loftis, Winston-Salem, North Carolina USA

When I first met Dan, he proudly showed me a picture of his beloved T'Bird. He bought it from the fourth owner who drove it ten years (1979-1989). He had wanted a T'Bird since he was six years old, and in May 1990, the Bird became his very own. He wanted a 68, but settled on a '69. He like the uniqueness of the front grill and tail lights.

The car has the original engine and transmission, a rebuilt carb, redone front seats with original material found at local fabric store, rebuilt armrests, and rebuilt window motors. An am/fm stereo and monitor system were found in a junk yard from another '69 and put in the car. Also a sunroof from a '69 4 door was obtained in a local junk yard, that is waiting to be installed. The sun roof car was 3 days older than Dan's car.

Dan and I went on many dates in this T-Bird. After we were married in 92, we left the reception in a well-decorated Bird! Now that we are married, the Bird receives less attention then it did in earlier days, but it is still as much loved as ever. In fact, our 90 pound dog, Nellie, loves the back seat!

Jane Loftis

Copyright © 1997 by Jane Loftis

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