Featured Thunderbird for August 1998

1964 Convertible, Exterior: Rangoon Red, Interior: Black
Owner: Peter Jarvis, Seattle, Washington

I was a young teen in the mid-sixties and remember always liking the looks of the Thunderbird. I never thought about buying a restored or restorable car until my current neighbor gave me a free ticket to the July, 1996 Concour 'd Elegance held in Everett, WA. There were two 1964 convertibles there, Canary yellow and light blue from one owner. I was so impressed by the looks that I asked my neighbor later after the show, about finding one. It turns out he did know a lady in a nearby town who used to restore T-birds with her husband as a business. Her husband has since died and she is out of the business.

My neighbor described her to me and without phoning first, I went to the mini-mall where she works to find her. When I stepped in the door I immediately saw a lady of her description and asked her if she knew Grace Robinson. She confirmed she was her and I proceeded to ask her if she knew anyone in the business that had a 64-66 T-bird for sale. She referred me to a man that lived about 5 miles further down the road and gave me his phone number. After phoning him, we set up a meeting and I went out to his huge home that had several enclosed garages and saw no less than 3 T-birds under various stages of restoration. One of them was a 1964-C that already had its brakes, transmission, exhaust and engine re-built. It needed paint and new top and the inside done. We agreed on a price and he asked if the following Spring was OK as a completion date. (It was Sept. '96). The car was ready 10 months later in July, 1997.

I continue to modify, refurbish and restore much of the electrical system components today. I'm making it even better, yet keeping it a stock car as much as possible. It was in the 1997 Concour show as a display car and at the Granite Falls "Show and Shine" a month after that. It's fun to show it off and I'll continue to do that weather permitting.

Peter Jarvis

Copyright © 1998 by Peter Jarvis

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