Featured Thunderbird for April 2000


1970 Exterior: White
Owner: Granville Herthel, Palmyra, IN

The 1970 Thunderbird was purchased by my Dad in 1972 from a used car dealer with the understanding that when Dad ever wanted to sell it the dealer had the first chance. It has always been keep inside which explains the interior and top are like new. I have always wanted the Tbird from the time I grew old enough to know and respect one of the greatest cars ever built.

Time passed by and Dad got other cars to drive and the Tbird set in the garage to rest. The only time it was started was in the summer, he would start it up and back it out of the garage and let it run in the drive way. Soon carbon took it's revenge and it would no longer start. He and Mom finally gave in and let me buy it it.

One cold winter day I showed up along with a wrecker and it was moved to my garage. At last my dream was filled. It was mine. I rebuilt the engine back to stock with all original parts with the help of Dad which was the best part of the rebuild. This 70 Tbird has not only been a joy to own but it has been a father and son project. Just something else the Tbirds do. Now my son wants to get involved in helping with it.

Granville Herthel

Copyright © 2000 by Granville Herthel

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