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1965 / Exterior Brittany Blue / Interior:Med. Blue Vinyl / 390cid/automatic

Owners: Roger & Ellen Hayes, Pleasanton, CA

Here's our Thunderbird Convertible which was originally delivered to Ford Motor Co., Philco Division in Palo Alto, California in January 1965. Ellen bought it from the second owner in San Jose in 1984 while Roger was out of town on business! This rust free T-Bird has factory options of tinted glass, power seats, power windows, AM/FM radio, rear speaker, and the "safety and convenience package" (low fuel warning, door ajar, vacuum power door locks, and four-way safety flashers). The interior is medium blue vinyl and it has a white vinyl convertible top.

We restored this Bird in 1986/1987 and included the following: The exterior finish was removed to bare metal and the car was repainted in the original Brittany Blue exterior color with acrylic enamel clear coat. The engine was removed for rework and the engine compartment was correctly detailed. Hardened valve seats were installed for use with unleaded gas. We installed new interior carpet, new door weather-strips, and the top mechanism and electrics were reworked and renewed by us as required. The trunk interior was refinished and the trunk carpet was replaced.

As a result of this "labor of love", in 1988 the car placed first in class at it's first T-Bird regional meet and has been preserved in show condition.

We have been active in the T-Bird hobby and have held various club offices since 1974 and continue to value and enjoy the many good friends that we have met as a result of our interests in both Classic and Vintage T-Birds.

Roger & Ellen Hayes

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