Featured Thunderbird for January 1998

Highlighted Thunderbird

1965 Hardtop, Exterior: Teal, Interior: Black/White/Teal
Owner: Eric Greco, Beaver PA USA

I bought my 1965 Thunderbird at the young age of thirteen after looking for the right car for a long time. While on vacation in Virginia, I saw a nicely restored 65 convertible, and liked its styling, so after that, I decided it would be a T-Bird or nothing. I saved up for a few years, delivering newspapers and et cetra, and the next thing I knew, I came back from vacation and there was a gleaming 65 in our garage, and taking up most of it.

The car had nice paint, a solid body, spent most of its time in Florida, and was not far from where I lived, which was Aliquippa, PA. Other than those few good qualities, the car needed much to look more like the cars at the local car shows and cruises.

Three years later, from the efforts of my family, myself and many others, the car has received new paint and chrome, new reproduction, NOS, and used parts and plenty of TLC. Over this winter it is receiving a new, black/white/teal interior, so hopefully this summer, with my newly-acquired drivers license, I can go to all the local car shows and cruises, and maybe bring a trophy or to back for the first time.

Other than that, Id like to say that I love the car, and everything about the hobby itself (even being a good sport when It comes to roadside repairs) and getting a thumbs up instead of angry glares is quite an achievement. I have made many new friends involving the hobby, and enjoy it very much. Id like to thank my family and friends for their forgiveness and understanding, and especially their involvement, since, I am a car nut and probably will always will be.

Eric Greco

Copyright © 1998 by Eric Greco

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