Featured Thunderbird for December 1997

Highlighted TBird

1956 Roadster, Exterior: Raven Black
Owner: John Franks Jr., Deming, NM USA

My Desert Dream Car

After My Wife and I raised our family, I finally had the chance to purchase this car. It would have been a problem trying to fit my wife and seven children into a 1956 Thunderbird.

I found the car in the desert of southern New Mexico. It had been sitting in the desert sun, for more than eight years. It was weather-beaten and barely running. The brakes were locked up, But it was all there.

After more than two years and a complete ground up restoration it is a dream come true.

This 1956 Thunderbird has a 312 cid 225 hp V-8 engine, a 3 speed Ford-O-Matic Transmission, power brakes, power steering, 4-way power seat, heater, defroster, windshield washer, back-up lights, oil filter, positive action wipers, and a nine tube Town & Country AM radio ( there were no FM Radios then) white hard top & white soft top, Black is the factory color.

John J. Franks Jr.

Copyright © 1997 by John Franks Jr.

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