Featured Thunderbird for April 2003

1963 Sports Roadster Conversion
Owner: Jim Feeney, Holmdel, New Jersey

I have had this car 8 years. I originally found it listed in Hemmings. The car was in Tampa Florida and had been stored for about 10 years. It had A/C, power windows, and power drivers' seat. I went down to see it.

The car was in good shape, the top worked and she ran, however the paint was faded, all the rubber and vinyl was hard as a rock, and there were the remains of a mouse nest under the dash. I had the car transported up to New Jersey. I was able to buff the paint to a shine, but I knew at some point it would need to be repainted.

Over the next few years I had the motor rebuilt, and the bumpers replated. I rebuilt the suspension, I re-upholstered the seats, and I rebuilt the brake system.

Two years ago, I decided it was time for a new paint job, so I disassembled the car and sent it off to be stripped and repainted. When the shop got it down to bare metal, they found no rust! Once I got it home I had to put it all back together. That took about another year as I did everything from refinishing the dash, to stripping, cleaning, and hand wrapping the entire wiring harness. Last year my wife bought me a tonneau cover for our anniversary. Oh, the one thing the picture doesn't show are the fender skirts I just added. I also added the Sports Roadster accessories.

Jim Feeney

Copyright © 2003 by Jim Feeney

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