Featured Thunderbird for August 2000

1968 Thunderbird

1968 Exterior: Wimbledon White, Interior: Black Vinyl
Owner: Dave Erhard, London, Ontario Canada

1968 Thunderbird Landau Tudor: Build date - March 20, 1968
My car was originally sold through a local Southwestern Ontario Ford Dealer, Mann’s Motors, in Delaware, Ont. The original owner was a local tobacco farmer who liked luxury cars, but was very “tight” with his pocketbook. He ordered the Landau model with no optional equipment on it. The car was driven usually just on special occasions, weekends, to church, etc. He passed away in the early 1980's, and his wife drove the car for a couple of years. She then had some minor bodywork done on the car as well as paint (original colour), and the car was put in storage around 1985 with just under 47,000 original miles on it.

I found the car through a local Tbird enthusiast, who had heard about the car. When I purchased it in December 1996, the car had just over 47,000 miles on it. It had been listed for sale after some mechanical work was completed, tune-up, gas tank reconditioning, tires, etc. The car only needed front brake pads and shocks to complete the safety check. It has ran flawlessly for me ever since and now has just over 52,500 miles.

The car travels to some local car shows and cruise nights as well as Thunderbird club events. I have also taken it to the Henry Ford Museum “Motor Muster” on two occasions. It has even won a few trophies in its short “car show” life, but it most likes to be DRIVEN.

I have added a few “options” to the car to suit my liking, such as Deluxe Wheel covers and an original AM/FM radio. It has also been interesting researching the car’s history and speaking with neighbours of the original owner, who have provided me with great insight into the car and its original owner. Some people ask me why I bought a car that was manufactured when I was 5 years old? I say, because it’s a Ford Thunderbird and because it looks so good. For a 32 year old car, built in Wixom, MI., sold in Delaware, Ont., spending its first 28 years in Lambeth, Ont., and its last 4 years in London, Ont., it really hasn’t traveled that far afield.

Dave Erhard

Copyright © 2000 by Dave Erhard

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