Featured Thunderbird for November 2000

1962 Roadster

1962 Sports Roadster
Owner: Dennis Champion, Pocatello, Idaho

After searching nationwide for several years on the internet, I got lucky and was able to purchase my 1962 Sports Roadster locally. The second owners son sold it to me after it sat in a carport for three years.

After replacing the battery and starter immediately, I worked on cleaning it up inside and out. (Still a lot left to do.) It was built in June, 1962 and originally sold in Salt Lake City, Ut. It has been in Idaho all of it's life.

With the execption of an electronic ignition, it is all original. The only option it doesn't have is air. With 87K original miles, it runs great. Cruising locally is a real pleasure and the top mechanism is a real show stopper. Slowly but surely I will get it looking better over time. Until then, I just enjoy it!

Dennis Champion

Copyright © 2000 by Dennis Champion

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