Featured Thunderbird for June 1996

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1964 / Exterior: Diamond Blue / Interior:Blue / Automatic

Owner: John Carlisle, Brisbane, Queensland Australia

This is my recently aquired 1964 Thunderbird Hard Top. Ever since seeing photos as a youngster of a 1962 Thunderbird, that was owned by my Uncle Walter of Banning CA, back in the 60's. I have dreamt of owning one ever since. Well the dream came true in early March, when I stumbled upon this 1964 coupe at an Importer on the Gold Coast south of Brisbane where I live.

She was in excellent original condition. A California car from Sacramento, sporting only 100K miles, an excellent interior and virtually all of the original paint. A deal was made and she was mine. At present I am readying her for Queensland Historic Registration. Work I am performing at present includes, brake system rebuild, power steering gearbox overhaul, front and rear suspension work and other minor odds and ends.

The car is Diamond Blue (Platinum) with blue interior and plenty of chrome. Power options include windows, drivers seat, safety convienience panel, and air conditioning. I can Hardly wait to get her on the road, she'll be a real head turner, especially down here in Australia where T-Birds are a rare commodity.

John Carlisle

Copyright © 1996 by John Carlisle

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