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The Classic/Vintage Thunderbird web site went on-line in June, 1995. It was developed and is maintained by Jerry Wotel of Tahoe Vista, California, to establish a focal point for the 1955 through 1966 Ford Thunderbird enthusiast on the world wide web. In August, 1996 the site was expanded to include the 1967 through 1982 years, and in November 1999, the years 1983 through 1997 were added, and in 2000 the 2002+ model years were added.

The domain was established in December 1996 and this site, as currently configured, was developed. This site is constanlty being expanded and improved to offer the T-Bird enthusiast pertinent information to assist in their enjoyment and restoration of their car.

Complementing this web site to provide a dynamic source of information exchange, are nine electronic mailing lists, focusing on

  1. Classicbirds, (1955-1957) T-Birds
  2. Squarebirds, (1958-1960) T-Birds
  3. Bulletbirds, (1961-1963) T-Birds
  4. Flairbirds, (1964-1966) T-Birds
  5. Glamorbirds, (1967-1971) T-Birds
  6. Bigbirds, (1972-1982) T-Birds
  7. Aerobirds, (1983-1987) T-Birds
  8. Superbirds, (1988-1997) T-Birds
  9. Retrobirds, (2002+) T-Birds

These mailing lists have been recognized by the Ford Thunderbird Club Center, operated by the Ford Motor Company, as the first electronic-mail based Thunderbird organization in their registry. Your subscription to any or all of these mailing lists are encouraged.

The Thunderbird enthusiast is also encouraged to participate in one of the international, regional, or local clubs. In addition to the club registry presented on this site, are the three international Thunderbird clubs' web sites:

This site incorporates the latest in web technology, and is therefore most enjoyed by use of the latest web browser technology. Sound and animation are used where appropriate to enhance your experience while browsing the site. You are encouraged to install the latest versions of Netscape NavigatorTM and Microsoft Internet ExplorerTM. You are also encouraged to implement audio capablity for Midi files and Progressive Networks RealAudioTM. Appropriate links are provided to access these capabilities, and they are free to the single user.

The following are recognized and appreciated for assistance and encouragement in developing the Thunderbird Cyber Nest:

Jerry Wotel
Tahoe Vista, California
December, 1996

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This site is not affiliated with the Ford Motor Company in any way, nor is it an official publication or expression of the views of the Ford Motor Company. Thunderbird is a trademark of the Ford Motor Company. The information presented herein are the personal opinions of the authors and do not represent the official policies or opinions of any of the organizations shown herein, or the Ford Motor Company, unless specifically stated as such. Copyright on the material presented remains with the author, and may not be used without the specific consent of the author, including but not limited to publication and posting on electronic media.

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